Tuesday, August 25, 2015

In Love with a Book? Ten Ways to Show It!

Adoring reader from the UK, dressed up as the black wolf from one of my books

At a conference, I picked up a list of 20 Ways to Help an Author, distributed by Wise Ink. I like the concept, but not how it’s framed—while I love my readers, I don’t believe they owe me anything.

Shift the focus from author to book and I’m all in. Here, a list of twelve ways to show your love for a book. These take little time, effort, or money, but the payoff is huge - helping a book you love enjoy a long, happy “shelf life”:

·         Buy the book!
·         Gift the book!
·         Ask for the book when you’re browsing a book shop.
·         Review the book online: Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble.
·         Post about the book on social media. (Include a photo)
·         Ask for the book at the library.
·         Email a “book love note” to the author.
·         Suggest your book club read it.
·         Blog about the book (send the author a link!)
·         Nominate the book for your community’s reading program
·         To celebrate International Book Day, dress up as a favorite character from the book (see photo above)
·         Design a wedding cake based on the book (see photo below)

What have you done today to show your love for a book? These ideas are only a start. With so much clamoring for readers’ attention, every expression of book love makes a difference…and as a bonus, you’ll be encouraging your favorite authors to continue writing books you love.

Wedding cake themed to a novella by David Marusek