Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Alaska Sampler: A Free Anthology That Helps Authors Market Their Books

You may have read about it in the IBPA Independent, or at the Alliance of Independent Authors Blog. And if you've ever searched for Alaska books, you likely saw it pull up on the first page of results.

Following the success of last year’s Alaska Sampler, a free e-book anthology, Running Fox Books, the author co-op I founded, is at it again, with a new volume of the Sampler plus a brand new website that aims to change the way readers connect with authors and books.

In their reviews, readers of last year’s Sampler spoke of how they read specifically to prepare for their Alaska vacations, and they urged us to issue a fresh volume each year. How could we refuse? Alaska insiders also praised the collection. "Laughter and tears brought to you by my most beloved state," wrote one reviewer. "Thanks to the multitalented for sharing. A real treat."

In what lead editor David Marusek deems a “literary labor of love,” the Alaska Sampler 2015 features fiction, memoir, crime writing, and humor.  Among the dozen featured authors are new favorites alongside the well-recognized, including Heather Lende (If You Lived Here, I’d Know Your Name), C.B. Bernard (Chasing Alaska), Rich Chiappone (Opening Days), and Gerri Brightwell (Cold Country).

Aiming to move beyond the either-or thinking about e-books and print books, the Sampler also forges unique partnerships with brick-and-mortar bookshops. When you download the free anthology, you'll see how this works.

To see how this anthology works, you can download the Alaska Sampler 2015 for free at www.runningfoxbooks.com. While you're at it, check out our author-curated online bookshop, enticing readers with features such as the Passage Picker, Book Your Trip (Literally), and Author Confessions. 

In a few months, Running Fox will be looking to add a few new authors to the co-op, designed to aggregate marketing efforts by promoting unique for readers to connect with our books. Stay tuned for details!

Co-founder of 49 Writers and founder of the independent authors cooperative Running Fox Books, Deb Vanasse has authored sixteen books. Her most recent are Write Your Best Book, a practical guide to writing books that rise above the rest; What Every Author Should Know, a comprehensive guide to book publishing and promotion; and Cold Spell, a novel that “captures the harsh beauty of the terrain as well as the strain of self-doubt and complicated family bonds,” according to Booklist. Deb lives and works on Hiland Mountain outside of Anchorage, Alaska, and at a cabin near the Matanuska Glacier. A regular contributor to the IBPA Independent, the views expressed here are her own.