Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Covers: We Need Your Help!

I'm excited to be working with author David Marusek on an “Alaska Sampler” aimed at expanding reader interest in Alaska-inspired books. The Sampler is an e-book collection of quality work by Alaska authors that we'll give away for free through Kobo and other online vendors. Included will be work from several fine Alaska authors: short stories, essays, excerpts from novels. The idea is to bundle Alaska-themed selections for readers to sample cost-free. 

I can’t wait to announce our author line-up—it’s awesome—but first, we need your help choosing a cover.

David came up with these two cover designs. I like them both. Which do you think is the best fit for this project? Which would convince you to click for a free download?


  1. I like the one with flowers but I'll share with my friends to see what they think.

  2. Not a big fan of the gray shapeless void on the bottom of the mountain one, even though I love mountains. So flowers it is!

  3. Love the comments...thanks, guys!

  4. I like the flowers better. The other one is kind of gloomy.